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The Cozy Hospitality Group, an upscale entertainment brand based in Dallas, TX, prides itself on providing a luxurious and unforgettable night out. Their energetic marketing strategies, complete with clever concepts and eye-catching visuals, perfectly capture the essence of their brand. When CEO and Founder David Choice approached me to develop their website, I was thrilled at the opportunity to showcase my capabilities as a web designer. Working with such a dynamic and fun brand presented the perfect challenge to push my creative boundaries and elevate their online presence to match their high-class reputation.


Before I get down to business on any project, I always make it a point to sit down with my clients and really get to know what they want. It's important to understand the big picture, their goals, and any constraints we might have to work around. This way, we can deliver an experience that really hits the mark for their users.

In the case of David's website, he was seeking a modern and minimalist design that would effectively showcase his brand. Moreover, the website had to include a streamlined booking section, a captivating display of their memorable moments, and highlight all of their services. We worked together to create a website that accurately reflects David's business and meets the needs of his customers. It had to be a no-brainer decision to come party with Cozy. At the end of the day, we wanted a website that both David and his customers can be proud of.


To ensure the success of the project, we conducted extensive research before beginning the design process. By conducting this research, we were able to gather valuable insights that informed our design decisions. These insights helped us not only understand my client’s vision and preferences but it would also meet the needs and expectations of his target audience. Our research consisted of three primary activities:

  1. Competitive Analysis: We analyzed the websites of competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses in their designs and to ensure that Cozy’s website would stand out and be ultramodern.
  2. Mood Board Design Ideas: We created a mood board to explore various design ideas and identify a visual direction for the website. This helped us to align with David's preferences and vision for his brand.
  3. Review Current Brand Standards: We reviewed the current brand guidelines to ensure that the website design was consistent with the existing brand identity. This included factors such as color palette, typography, and tone of voice. Brand consistency across all touchpoints is vital to growing and solidifying your reputation in the mind of your audience.


After completing our research, we began the design process, Our approach was founded on a careful balance of creativity and functionality as we worked diligently to ensure that the end product would be both visually stunning and easy to navigate:

Sketching Design Concepts

We started by sketching out various design concepts based on our research findings and David's preferences. This helped us to explore different design directions and identify the best way to showcase his brand and services.

Creating Wireframes in Figma

Once we had a general direction, we moved onto creating wireframes in Figma, a design tool that allows us to create low-fidelity mockups. This helped us to further refine the layout and functionality of the website before moving onto more realistic mockups. Explore the final wireframe above! 

Rendering Realistic Mockups

After refining the wireframes, we moved onto rendering realistic mockups of the website design. This step allowed us to showcase the website in a more visually appealing way and gave us a better idea of how the website would look and feel. You can explore the full mockup above!

Developing the Code in Webflow

Screenshot of Webflow Interface

Finally, we developed the website using Webflow, a web development platform that allows us to create responsive and interactive websites without having to write code from scratch. This platform allowed us to build the website to the exact specifications of our mockups and ensure that it functioned as expected. With the design phase complete, we were excited to reveal the final product to David and his team. The website we created was the culmination of our efforts and the result of a successful collaboration between our team and David. In the next section, we'll explore the details of the final product and discuss the results it achieved.

See the Live Project Here:


In conclusion, the project with Cozy was a resounding success. My diligent design process and collaborative approach allowed me to create a website that effectively showcased their brand and services while providing an enjoyable user experience for their customers. David was thrilled with the end result, and we are delighted to see that section bookings for events are noticeably higher. It's always a pleasure to know that my work has made a positive impact on my client's business, and I’m proud to be a part of Cozy’s future success. I continue to work with David on various projects, including marketing campaigns, branding initiatives, and even tufted rugs for personal use outside of the club! It's always a pleasure to work with such a talented and visionary client, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration for years to come.

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